X Reasons to Start Upcycling Right Now

Why you need to start upcycling right now!

We’ve all heard of recycling, right? Well how about upcycling? Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to grab your bike from the garage and head to the nearest hill! Upcycling is a fantastic way to revitalise and re-use old stuff you may have lying around the house. When you upcycle something, you take an item with little to no value to you and convert it into something that is of use to you!

It’s simple, fun and will save you money! It’s also a great way to de-clutter the house. So here’s some good reasons as to why you should start upcycling right now!

Give old furniture a facelift

Everyone has old furniture lying around that could be doing with a bit of TLC. Perhaps the wood is chipped on an old coffee table or maybe it’s covered in ring marks from that person in the house who refuses to use a coaster! Either way, there’s life in it yet!

A simple sprucing up job using some varnish and a piece of sandpaper can breathe new life into something which was previously half way to woodchipper!

There’s no need to throw that old sofa to the kerb just yet either. It’s incredible how easily a busted sofa and some old dining room chairs can be combined to give yourself sumptuously soft, padded dining chairs to keep you comfortable at the table. Or why not use those old couch cushions to fashion a new bed for your pet?

There are dozens of old bits and pieces brimming with potential around the average family home. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

Learn a new skill

Taking the time to learn a new skill will give you vast amounts of personal satisfaction. Seeing yourself make progress at something is a fantastic way to not only keep busy, but to raise your own self-esteem.

The skills you can learn through upcycling are also transferrable to other parts of life. Haven’t you always wanted to be a bit handier? Well, now is the chance to get your DIY game into shape!

Many psychologists believe that as human beings, the key to happiness is having set goals and working to achieve them. It’s this in-built reward system that keeps us motivated and has helped us to improve over millions of years of evolution. When you have nothing to do, nothing that makes you feel worthwhile, you can quickly get stuck in a rut.

So there you have it, upcycling will make you happy!

Put down that smartphone!

In this day and age, it’s sadly very easy to spend hours on end staring at a screen. People sit for untold amounts of time, repeatedly refreshing Facebook, or end up 4 seasons deep into a Netflix show they don’t even like.

Time is the most valuable resource we have, so it’s crucial that we’re spending it wisely. By spending your time on a new hobby such as upcycling, you’ll be using your time to achieve something tangible and lasting. While everyone else is squandering what little time they have on memes and junk TV, you’ll be doing something interesting and useful.

How to start upcycling?

As with anything, it’s important to prepare before starting a new venture. For upcycling, you’ll need some kind of workspace. This can be a garage or shed, but perhaps even more suitable is a secure self-storage unit.

By opting for a self-storage unit, you’ll have a personal, private and secure work and storage place for all your projects and materials. Turning your home into a workshop probably isn’t the best idea for family morale, so a self-storage unit may just be the answer!

From as little as £5 per week, you can have your own unit. Give us a call on 01355 229 330 and let’s discuss your needs!