The importance of staging your property

The time has come to sell your home. Without a doubt this is going to be one of the most demanding experiences of your adult life. From lawyers’ fees to packing up all your worldly belongings, there’s a lot to be stressed about. For this reason, you don’t want the process dragging on any longer than necessary; you also want to ensure you attain maximum value from your house. To achieve both of these things, it’s imperative that your home is staged correctly.

Staging your home is a vital part of the selling process. You need to start to think like the buyer, instead of the seller. When you stage your home, you need to step into the eyes of the buyer and ask: what does this person want to see when they’re looking at my property?

The answer, of course, is they want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. To do that, you need to strip away all the unnecessary clutter and create enough of a blank canvas for your potential buyer to envision their own life between those unfamiliar walls.

Add value to your property

By organising and freeing your home of any superfluous items, your home will look much more appealing in photos and add value to your property. In turn, your property is more likely to sell faster, giving you a headache free sale.

This means getting rid of all personal items such as photos and books. It means removing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary in terms of showing off what a room is. One of the primary reasons people move home is because they need more space. Staging your home correctly means portraying enough space to entice a buyer to make an offer!

Where to store clutter?

What to do with all the clutter? The best thing to do is safely store it in a personal storage lock up until the house is sold. Having use of a self-storage unit also means that when it comes time for you to move into your new house, the process becomes a lot easier. By having somewhere to securely store your items, you can gradually move into your new home. No need to chuck everything you own into the house at once!

So it’s time to remove anything taking up too much space, anything which doesn’t quite fit, and anything that takes away from the potential of a room. Let’s be honest, if you look around right now you’ll see at least one thing which could be considered to be clutter!

By taking these steps you will ensure your home appears as attractive a prospect as possible to potential buyers. This will raise the value of the property and speed up the often arduous selling process.

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