It’s Spring! Create breathing space with our declutter guide

  1. Avoid Overwhelm
    • Do a little decluttering over time allowing you to see progress each day without feeling burdened
  2. Set a Timer
    • Work for a set amount of time to increase focus. Even with 5 minutes at a time, you’ll make progress if you are focussed and uninterrupted.
  3. Divide and Conquer
    • To build momentum, allow yourself to see success in one area before moving to another. Conquer one room at a time, splitting your goods into three:
      1. give away to friends or charity
      2. put into storage
      3. recycling/trash
    • Store the Following Items with A2Z to Create More Breathing Space for Body & Mind:
      1. Records: Bills, medical records, personal files, tax records and other paperwork
      2. Season Items: Sporting gear, patio furniture, winter cloths, winter/summer toys
      3. Mementos: Those items that hold sentimental value but you don’t have room for: baby pictures, special gifts, beloved albums
      4. Items to sell: Store temporarily, items you plan to sell online or at a garage sale

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